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Adventure (change/growth)

All on an adventure together, those you pass by and those you do not. going on the path set before you, and them. Paths intertwine and fade away into the thick undergrowth. Off shoots and entanglements, dangers and breakthroughs into the light. 12:34. On the right path, feet moving forward, in the right direction, each step forward is time put in, work that was done. Work being done is still ahead, the effects of that work not known until, much later. Like the layers in my paintings, the first step still impacts the last. sometimes you can see it and sometimes you can not, but it is still there, that energy is down and out into the world. to be felt or not. But it is still there.

it is ever important to be in the moment when making those first marks, feeling it out, seeing what the surface and the materials are saying to you and to the canvas. Just doing because you must. Compelled to make so go all out. its amazing what you will find on the way. It will get covered up, in my case, and others. Not necessarily an underpainting but paint underneath other paint, giving more body and purpose what comes after. The necessary steps to the end of the journey. The adventure along the way. The things you will discover and forget about, then re-discover. Intimate moments had, then sanded away into oblivion, never to be seen. But seen by me, stored, and ready for the next surface, Knowledge to take forward on the next adventure.

Change and growth. Building and destroying. making marks and washing them away. Very necessary. For you must learn somehow. Best way for me anyway, is to just do it. Take those first steps, forward, for you never know where they will lead you. In the right direction most likely. As you move forward with your heart and good intentions and your intuition closely tuned in, you will be going when you need to go.

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