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you know those moments that happen all the time but they are so hard to explain. like when two people part and there fingers leave each others grasp, that moment right when their fingertips brush past one another and they are on their separate ways. for now. going somewhere. Or when a you see a squirrel chasing another squirrel up a tree and they disappear into the canopy, chittering away. What are they fighting about? who's tree is it? How does the tree feel? all these thoughts come through my head all at once, as my eyes perceive this moment, I try and make sense of it, and it makes sense. Further thought is almost futile. the moment is gone, but its still going on. I am just moving through space, just as these moments are.

A skunk trundles down the alley, looks up and skitters around the corner. Where is it going? I think it must be looking for food. But I can't begin to guess what is going on in its head. A person looks up and laughs. Someone has their nose pointed firmly down, eyes closed, deep in thought, or deep within themselves. Still present, for I see them. But separated from my being, interconnected through space.

Like material and colour, each brush stroke has a path of its own. A moment of making. A beginning and an end. the space in time when the brush leaves the canvas. only to return for the next. Still connected. Wash the colour off and repeat. Its all the same, but separated by form and colour and space. Filling the space as one in harmony. flowing side by side. oh wait though, a chunk of paper is in the way. blocked the path, makes a barrier. Thats okay, your brush will make it over. I will make it over. Or Ill have to remove it. smooth it out. Figure out how to proceed, and take time to rest and breather. Give it a chance, maybe there's a another way around.

Have these tools in the back pocket of the brain, ready to be pulled out and used when necessary. Moments of beauty and sorrow, struggle and ease, it is all happening at once and is all magnificent. Magnificently terrible and wonderful. full of wonder.

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