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physical ideation

Is that a thing? working through ideas in a physical way/form. of course that's a thing. so many people I know do that. I do that. Like ya know you have an idea but ignorer for you to figure it out and develop it, you gotta actually try. Get the materials, use your *intuition* to carry forward the exploration. I do the best with what I got. I have the material I have for a reason, they work for me, I know how they work, understand them in order to get to a physical form of my idea that I am happy with. I guess thinking and making have to go hand in hand. Making while thinking, thinking while making. Drawings are also a physical form of ideation, even though its on paper sometimes it doesn't feel like it but drawing definitely gets those ideas out into the world and make em more real, more possible! Most of your ideas are probably possible if you just start trying to actually do them. make them. And if they don't work now and you need more money or whatever don't give up! Those ideas can be done, made into something someday. Shit just having fucking ideas that motivate and inspire is amazing! doing and trying, are very similar, but distinct differences, but they both need each other.

Ive had some trouble coming to terms that I am an artist. In school I considered myself an artist so why not now? I think its become so real so quick. Like I have a group show, sell a couple paintings, talking to a gallery about the possibility of representation, this is exactly what I want to be doing with my life right now. This is what I have been working for and now its real. I guess I haven't had the time to reflect, really understand where I am at. Its just the beginning, I am planting my roots now. I need more, I want more for myself and the others around me. i can see it taking shape and the path I want to go forward on. Yes I am a painter. I am doing as I do. as a painter.

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